Monday, January 20, 2014

Measure twice....

The holidays brought with them a rush of commissions and gifts that needed to be done immediately.

Or even before immediately!

I was forthright with clients once I was at my realistic limit and left it up to them to move forward with their project, even though it would not be done in time for Christmas. Luckily everyone agreed and I made nice gift certificates for them to give to as a gift to family and friends.

Mom & Dad in Santa Cruz

However, two paintings were gifts for my family. The one above was for my sister-in-law, Donna to give to my brother, Tim.  The other one was a gift to my parents from me! 

I was painting over an old portrait - maybe that's what through me off!

I started on mom's painting 2 days before Christmas.  It was of her and her oldest sister sitting on a fence circa 1945. Ten hours into the painting, my son Jon walked into the room and said "gee, I didn't know Auntie Marie's legs were so long!".  As I stood up and backed away (which I should of been doing all along) I too realized that somehow I had messed up on the math to enlarge the photo to canvas size.  Oh no.....she looks like she is on stilts!!! 

I re-gridded it and started again but after and hour, I realized that it was more complicated than I had time for.  I loved this photo of her and her sister so much that I wanted to enjoy painting them and not rush.
I wrapped it as is, even with the new grid drawn on top of the painting and a note explaining that I would finish it in January.

The two people  I knew who would understand was my dear, sweet mom & dad.

And they did.  Christmas day it was hanging on their wall and they were as happy as could be!

Remember when you were in grade school and you made your mom a vase and your dad an ashtray out of clay?  It was all kiddy-wompus but they didn't seem to mind because they just plain ol' loved you!  That's just how I felt.

So the last few days I have been repainting my Aunt & Mom hanging on that old fence and enjoying every minute!

Tomorrow I will frame it and give it to them with love.

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