Monday, December 15, 2014

The French Laundry Courtyard

 The Courtyard is where you sip Champagne while waiting for your table to be prepared.

That lovely blue door is famous!

 My husband and I have been fortunate to dine at The French Laundry on several occasions but the best experience was dining next to Brad Pitt and the cast from Friends.  Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had just begun dating and no one knew it yet.  Their group and our group had the entire upstairs for a 5 hour dinner.  Yummm!  After dinner Chef Thomas Keller paid his respects to our table and my husband congratulated him on providing the delicious meal as well as the wonderful entertainment.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bouchon Bistro

 Iconic eateries in the Napa Valley.

People outside enjoying a beautiful fall day and wonderful French bistro fare
 at Bouchon in Yountville.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tra Vigne

Another painting in my series of Napa & Sonoma destinations.

Tra Vigne in St. Helena is a lovely spot for a warm, hearty Tuscan dinner or a light al fresco lunch outside under a canopy of trees and lights.

The train tracks go right in front of the Cantinetta with their trademark black & white awnings.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Delights of Napa Valley

I just finished two small paintings of lovely buildings in the Napa Valley.  One is of Bistro Jeanty on a beautiful fall day with great long shadows.

And the second painting is of Chimney Rock Winery Tasting Room on a warm spring afternoon.  It is an incredible Cape Dutch-style of architecture found in the Western Cape of South Africa which is just striking in a vineyard.

Both are done in oils and are 8 x 10. I hope to do a few more of iconic buildings in the Napa and Sonoma areas.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chimney Rock Tasting Room

A wonderful group of women artists that I paint with are having a show at Chimney Rock Winery in Napa Valley. We spent most of Monday hanging the new show in the beautiful tasting room.

A mix of several BASA painters work

Some of Marcy Wheeler's new work

And down the hallway entering their private tasting rooms!

Jeanette's vintage camera & Susan Bonebakker's horses

Several of Joanne Taeuffer's paintings

A new painting of mine entitled "Lily" (with a nod to Bouguereau)    

I am heading back up to the winery on Wednesday to add a few labels and I will also get some photo's of Sharon Tama and Ellen Reintjes's paintings!

If you are in the Napa Area, please stop by and enjoy the wine and art!

Chimney Rock
5350 Silverado Trail
Napa, CA 94558


Open 11 - 5pm daily

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Traveling in France

I have had a little break from posting as my sweetie & I are in France for the month of September celebrating our 35th Anniversary!  

I have been taking lots of photos and doing some sketching so I will have plenty of material to paint from as soon as I return home. 

I miss painting so much I could burst!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sorolla's Light

On Friday I headed down to San Diego with my friend Sydney to see the Joaquin Sorolla exhibit at the The San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park before it closes on the 26th of August.

It is an amazing show to say the least!

I have always liked his work but to see his work up close and in person allows you to see each bold brush stroke, the vibrant colors he used and his beautiful use of light.

I was blown away!

Photo's in art books and on the Internet just do not do it justice.  There is so much light in these beauties!

 "I could not paint at all if I had to paint slowly. Every effect is so transient, it must be rapidly painted.” - Joaquin Sorolla

Friday, August 8, 2014

Heading to SFO

If you happen to be flying with United in the next few months take a peek at the Collector pop-up  store in the
newly remodeled Terminal 3, post-security Boarding Area E (United Airlines)

Three of my paintings are heading over there for a few months.

French Waiters #7

 French Waiters #5

French Waiters #2

Please drop by and let them know that Jeanette sent you!

Bon journee!

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Summer Work

I have been busy with a large commission piece and I didn't want to post photos of it in progress because I wanted my client to be the first to see the finished piece.  She loves it and has it hanging in her living room. The painting is of a favorite coffee shop she used to frequent in North Beach, San Francisco.

Caffe Trieste

I also just completed a painting for an upcoming show entitled "White Balance".  I love whites!  There is so much subtle color reflected in whites.


Thursday I began painting a night scene. In 8 years of painting, I have never done a night scene. It is looking at Cafe du Metro and the church is St-Sulpice in the Saint-Germain district in Paris. The church was made famous in the book/movie "The Da Vinci Code". My girlfriends and I were walking back to our hotel from dinner when I photographed this scene.

The beginnings of "St-Sulpice, Paris"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Great Reception

Last Friday night there was a fine reception at the Collector in Berkeley.  Wine, cheese, music and intriguing artwork!

These are 6 in my "French Waiter Series".  They will be at the Collector until the end of August. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Gallery in Berkeley

I have had the honor of being asked to participate at a gallery in Berkeley, "Collector".

Hope you can join me at the reception on Friday, July 11th from 6-8!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Winter Prune

Whenever I drive around the Napa Valley, I always take my camera with me.  There is always something going on in the vineyards.

The mustard isn't showing in this shot but it is there in other pictures.

Several years ago I took some photos of the field workers pruning the the long canes off of the cordons, which is the lateral growth.  The mustard was already blooming and I was taken by how careful this man was with the vine.  Even though I am sure he had cut thousands of canes, he still was treating this cut as important. 

My rough, beginning sketch

The Winter Prune - 18 x 18
This painting is on it's way to Mason Cellars Tasting Room in Napa later this week for a show with my Bay Area Studio Artists group.  I have one more painting to finish and then it's off to do the hanging!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Getty 2014

Over the weekend I was able to spend some time at the Getty Museum in Southern California.

They have these wonderful metal sculptures that have Bougainvillea and Roses growing up through them to hang over the top and form shade as well as beauty.

A few of my favorite pieces that hang there are -

"Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning" by Claude Monet

Just look at the beautiful color in both the haystacks and the snow.

"Les Iris" by Vincent Van Gogh     

Overheard a guard say that they paid 90 million for this painting and it is now worth 108 million. Glad someone has money and can share this beauty with the world!

"Young Ladies Admiring Japanese Objects" by James Tissot

"Portrait of Louise-Antoinette Feuardent" by Jean-Francois Millet

"Portrait of Therese, Countess Clary Aldringen" by John Singer Sargent

"The Laundress" by Jean-Baptist Greuse

 This was a favorite find.  It was hidden around a corner and is small but sweet.  The laundress had dressed up in her Sunday Best for the portrait, not what she would usually wear to scrub clothes.  The frame is original and was designed by the first owner of this painting.

"Dancer Taking A Bow" by Edgar Degas

This is a little out of focus because it was in a room with very low light.  The Getty had all of their pastels and sketches in this room.

"Houses at Bougival (Autumn)" by Camille Pissaro

"The Portal of Rouen Catherderal in Morning Light" by Claude Monet

Mr. B checking out Monet's painting a little closer as we will be traveling to Rouen, France this Fall.

"The Promenade" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

"Portrait of Maria Frederike van Reede-Athlone at Seven Years of Age" by Jean-Etienne Liotard

Time for a break.....

View of Santa Monica in the foreground and Los Angeles in the back

Monday, January 20, 2014

Measure twice....

The holidays brought with them a rush of commissions and gifts that needed to be done immediately.

Or even before immediately!

I was forthright with clients once I was at my realistic limit and left it up to them to move forward with their project, even though it would not be done in time for Christmas. Luckily everyone agreed and I made nice gift certificates for them to give to as a gift to family and friends.

Mom & Dad in Santa Cruz

However, two paintings were gifts for my family. The one above was for my sister-in-law, Donna to give to my brother, Tim.  The other one was a gift to my parents from me! 

I was painting over an old portrait - maybe that's what through me off!

I started on mom's painting 2 days before Christmas.  It was of her and her oldest sister sitting on a fence circa 1945. Ten hours into the painting, my son Jon walked into the room and said "gee, I didn't know Auntie Marie's legs were so long!".  As I stood up and backed away (which I should of been doing all along) I too realized that somehow I had messed up on the math to enlarge the photo to canvas size.  Oh no.....she looks like she is on stilts!!! 

I re-gridded it and started again but after and hour, I realized that it was more complicated than I had time for.  I loved this photo of her and her sister so much that I wanted to enjoy painting them and not rush.
I wrapped it as is, even with the new grid drawn on top of the painting and a note explaining that I would finish it in January.

The two people  I knew who would understand was my dear, sweet mom & dad.

And they did.  Christmas day it was hanging on their wall and they were as happy as could be!

Remember when you were in grade school and you made your mom a vase and your dad an ashtray out of clay?  It was all kiddy-wompus but they didn't seem to mind because they just plain ol' loved you!  That's just how I felt.

So the last few days I have been repainting my Aunt & Mom hanging on that old fence and enjoying every minute!

Tomorrow I will frame it and give it to them with love.

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