Monday, October 26, 2020

What A Year!



30 x 30


With all that has been going on in life this year I finally got to spend some time in my studio and finished up this little beauty.  It's a white Dahlia with so many interesting shapes and soft soothing colors.  I needed a calming painting like this right about you?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Paris Painting Returns to Paris (Kind of)

Song - Little French Song by Carla Bruni

I had a happy surprise several months ago when a woman named Isabelle contacted me through my painting website.  She was wondering about purchasing a painting that I did a number of years ago.  Unfortunately that specific painting had sold several years ago so besides making sure she was legit and not some hacker, I did my research and put on my thinking cap.  Isabelle has a French language business in Paris and she is a tutor.  She wanted my painting for her website.

Here was my solution.....anything sent to Paris would be incredibly expensive to send and since she only needed an image of this painting (which I still own the copyright on) I offered to send her a high resolution copy for a nominal fee while the money transaction would go through PayPal.  She was very happy with that idea and the most charming thing is that we still email each other every few weeks wondering how each of us is dealing in this time of craziness!

If you would like to take a French language class in Paris or on Skype her contact is here:

Thursday, March 26, 2020

New Exhibit

I paint with a group of amazing women artists and occasionally we hang exhibits together. 
After waiting 2-3 years for a show at the Orinda Library Gallery BASA's name finally came up.
We were due to hang on March 31st and then the pandemic hit.

So with Covid-19 on everyone's mind we decided to take what we have been working so hard on and give you a virtual show. How creative is that!

Here is the link: Click Me!

During this stressful time I hope our video gives you a moment to relax.

Stay well......Jeanette

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