Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Numbers

#60 - American Kestrel

I darkened the background on the American Kestrel painting and he seems more at home.  I also discovered that I missed a few paintings in my "counting" to one hundred, so I have 30 paintings that I did for "30 paintings in 30 days" and I now have 33 paintings as of Sunday that I have been working one little by little!

So only 37 left to go to get to my goal of one hundred!!!

#62 - Laguiole Belle

The sweet cow in the above painting was from a photo I took in the countryside in France.  My husband and I were looking for the tiny town of Laguiole which is famous for their knives which have a hallmark bee design on the handle.

#63  - Mama and baby swan - in need of a name!

I have also been trying to design a hanging system for the 100 little paintings.  I am planning on separating them into groups of 25 so that I have options when hanging them in a gallery.  I will be able to hang them in a large square of 10 by 10 panels or in a long line of 20 by 5 panels high or even randomly sprinkled around in groups of 25.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Three Faces

#57 - Julia

 The woman in the painting above is a beautiful woman who spends a lot of time in Yosemite weaving baskets.  Now she isn't just your everyday basket weaver, she is a National Treasure!  Julia Parker is a Coast Miwok-Kashaya Pomo basket weaver and has baskets at the Smithsonian and one of her patrons happens to be Queen Elizabeth II.  The reference photo for this painting was taken while I attempted weaving a basket in one of Julia's workshops in Yosemite!

#58 - American Kestrel

 I love this little bright eyed hawk!  I am thinking of darkening the background so he pops a little more. I had one just like this guy hanging out on the pergola outside my office window watching for a song bird to come along to eat at one of my feeders.

#59 - Jeanette

I still have so much to learn when painting. Once again, my darks in my face are not quite dark enough..... I won't redo this painting but will try to learn from it!  This is so me though, a camera is always in my hands or nearby in my purse.  I never know when the perfect shot might show up!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Fifty-five and Fifty-six

I spent the last four days in Lake Tahoe.  It was tranquil bliss......

I painted under the pines overlooking Lake Tahoe. 

#55 - Cowgirl in the Lake

#56 - Sweet Sheep

Thursday, May 12, 2016

52, 53 and 54


I have two large paintings that I am working on and in between I enjoy these little 6 x 6 inch paintings of faces.  This little girl makes it 54 out of my goal of 100.

#53 - Speedy

 When the boys were young, we had a turtle and they named him "Speedy".  While this isn't the same turtle, it reminded me of the fun we had watching him lumber across the backyard.


Haven't come up with a name for this distraught little person - and I'm not too sure if he/she is a boy or girl (see the long curl on the far left?).  I just loved how exasperated she/he seems to be!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Over the Hump!

Muddy Waters

Meet Muddy Waters!  Doesn't he just make you want to smile?  

Mr. Yee

And Mr. Yee dressed in his beautiful blue silk gown!


Buster Posey brought my count up to 50 paintings of Faces with Character out of 100!


And this beautiful cat Chester brought me over the hump with #51....only 49 left to go!

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