Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Numbers

#60 - American Kestrel

I darkened the background on the American Kestrel painting and he seems more at home.  I also discovered that I missed a few paintings in my "counting" to one hundred, so I have 30 paintings that I did for "30 paintings in 30 days" and I now have 33 paintings as of Sunday that I have been working one little by little!

So only 37 left to go to get to my goal of one hundred!!!

#62 - Laguiole Belle

The sweet cow in the above painting was from a photo I took in the countryside in France.  My husband and I were looking for the tiny town of Laguiole which is famous for their knives which have a hallmark bee design on the handle.

#63  - Mama and baby swan - in need of a name!

I have also been trying to design a hanging system for the 100 little paintings.  I am planning on separating them into groups of 25 so that I have options when hanging them in a gallery.  I will be able to hang them in a large square of 10 by 10 panels or in a long line of 20 by 5 panels high or even randomly sprinkled around in groups of 25.

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