Just some helpful notes and photos on helping you to see the different styles of frames or edge finishing that I offer.

*Not all artwork is framed.  The notes under each painting describe if it is framed or not.  The pricing is adjusted accordingly. If you are interested in having a painting framed or removing a frame, please contact me and we can discuss if that is possible.

Clear Maple Floater Frames

 The above paintings are all framed with Clear Maple Floater Frames.  Beautifully finished with just a little space between the frame and the painting, so it looks as though it is "floating".

 Clear Maple Floater Frames with Black Interiors

These frames work best with darker paintings and I paint the sides of the canvas so that all you see is a little black space between your painting and frame.

Gallery Wrapped Frames - 2 options

Gallery wrapped frames are extra deep and require no frame.

1. Solid painted sides

2. Painted sides that continue the painting around the sides

 Other Possibilities

Simple black frames

Plein Air Brown Frames

Plein Air Gold Frames

Gift pack for small paintings - a small table top easel & bow (may not be the exact ones pictured)

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