Friday, June 21, 2013

Celebrate Summer

I have just finished two new paintings for the Lafayette Gallery's new show "Celebrate Summer".  The painting above was from Peggi Kroll-Roberts workshop that I took several years ago and was done from both a study and a photo.  The model had an iPod in her hand while she posed which made her had posed funny.  I decided to place a love letter in her hand instead - hence the title "The Love Letter".  She has a look on her face that doesn't really give away what her letter is saying to her heart.

The second painting I submitted for hanging is of two women taking their little terriers for a walk on the beach down in Aptos, California.  I just loved how the lead Westie was cruzing and the little brown Carin was working so hard to keep up with his buddy.  The folds in the womens jeans and the colorful leashes work as a ribbon moving your eye through the painting all added to the fun of this one! The title of this is "Toes and Tails".

Hope you can come by the Gallery to see the new show.  It will be on display until August 10th.

1 comment:

  1. Jeanette, so beautiful,love the extreme lights and shadows. The little dogs are adorable!


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