Sunday, February 1, 2015

Make up for Day 29

Day 29

30 Paintings in 30 Days

After Fairfield Porter

I was first introduced to Fairfield Porter's style by Tim Horn. This style of portraiture is often referred to as a "mudhead".  The first time I heard that term was at a Peggi Kroll-Roberts workshop.  Here is Henshe's definition:

               "A model, often one of the local Portuguese fisherman’s children, posed on the beach, sitting on a barrel with their back to the sun.  The students positioned their easels facing the shadow side of the model.  Hawthorne instructed them to paint this dramatic silhouette against the blaze of light on the beach, the water, and emanating from the sky.  By having his students paint with a large, unwieldy putty knife, it forced them to concentrate on the large shapes of color, rather than outlines around the shapes, the way one might do when painting with a brush.  The quality of a study was judged by the effectiveness with which the light was suggested by these simple shapes of color.  The resulting mud-like color of the face in shadow gave rise to the studies' nickname, "mud head"."

One more to go!

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