Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall Paintings

Port de Honfleur

Honfleur is a beautiful little French village in Normandy where the Seine River meets the English Channel.  Saint Catherine's church is in the background. People are shopping and dining along the Quai and it thrills me a little to know that Claude Monet used to paint here!

As the weather turns cooler, I tend to refocus my painting on subjects that align with my mood.  The painting above was done over a months time as I grew restless working on all of the detail.  So in between breaks, I would paint something that was loose and less exacting - like the cows below.

Big Shoes to Fill

Gone are the paintings of children playing on the beach or dogs swimming in the backyard pool. Right now it is cows in a Autumn pasture and moody days in a French harbor.

Hope you are enjoying this time of year?

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