Saturday, April 27, 2019

Bit by Bit

 In 2013 our family took a fishing trip to Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.  This barn struck me as an old working beauty.  It was located near Victor, Idaho where we were staying.

It overlooks the majestic Tetons, foothills and lots of pasture land.

I would love to know it's history but I didn't think to ask anyone at the time.  It probably isn't standing any longer as it looked like one more winter might do her in.

So I painted it for a show I was doing in Danville, California called "Barn Dance" but I was never happy with the painting.

I kept playing with the mountains in the background. Then it stuck me that there was no entry into the barn (this was the back and I loved the view of the mountains).

So I added a door and lived with it for awhile.....but it was still too stagnant for me......

"The Old Guard" - 40 x 30

Two years ago I added a fence and a road and lowered the mountains.  I lived with that for awhile......mmmm......still there was something needed. I felt that this painting had a lot going for it so it was worth working with.  And yesterday I added cow.......there it is! Some!

Ahhh...I can breathe about you?

The above photo is from the show "Barn Dance" with the group of women I paint with -  Bay Area Studio Artists!

They are amazing!!!

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