Tuesday, January 20, 2015

After Van Gogh and What Was I Thinking?

Oh my!  So my 1 hour time limit is off with both of my Van Gogh paintings.  The first one took 2 hours and today's painting took over 5 hours.

Just getting started......

Trying to do a little of the tedious background before I do the face.

Enough with the background (which I thought was difficult) and onto the face! 2 hours in......

OK a little more background and then I allowed myself to start the beard.  Crazy making! 3 hours in...

4 plus hours in and I am loving it but ready to jump in the creek!

Finished and ready for a glass of wine!

The man that Van Gogh painted was his postman and friend, Joseph Roulin.

The Roulin Family is group of portrait paintings Vincent van Gogh executed in Arles in 1888 and 1889 on Joseph, his wife Augustine and their three children: Armand, Camille and Marcelle. This series is unique in many ways. Although Van Gogh loved to paint portraits, it was difficult for financial and other reasons for him to find models. So, finding an entire family that agreed to sit for paintings — in fact, for several sittings each — was a bounty.
Joseph Roulin became a particularly good, loyal and supporting friend to Van Gogh during his stay in Arles. To represent a man he truly admired was important to him. The family, with children ranging in age from four months to seventeen years, also gave him the opportunity to produce works of individuals in several different stages of life.
Rather than making photographic-like works, Van Gogh used his imagination, colors and themes artistically and creatively to evoke desired emotions from the audience. - Wickipedia

Like I said in a previous blog, Van Gogh was a mad genious!

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